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Project Description

A tilt scissor lift will help to reposition heavy materials, equipment in the industry lines. Email us and we can design the tilt scissor lift to meet your specific application needs.

One day, we received an inquiry from Saint-Gobain company to design and manufacture a tilt scissor lift that could lift and maximum capacity of 1000kg. They require the ability of operating the platform up, down and the ability of tilting 45 degrees to remove the cargo from the table easier at a certain height. We design proposal met all of the customer’s requirements.

The lift and tilt table was manufactured to be exactly what they wanted it. Platform size of the tilt scissor lift is 1400 x 900 with the capacity 1000kg, travel 800mm. The lift table is operated by control panel and controller with cylinder on the tilt operation.

Details for the 1t lift:

● Elevator type

Tilt table lift SJG1-0.8

● Capacity


● Travel


● Platform

L1400 x W900mm

● Back plate height


● Tilt

45 degree

● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 1pc Φ100 for raising, 2cpsΦ163 for tilting

● Voltage

Ac 415V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


● Machine Location

Inside the scissors

● Pit Depth


The materials of our tilt scissor lift are from long-time cooperated and tested suppliers. They make the lifts durable and stable working

  • Anti-skid platform
  • Electric control system
  • control panel of tilt scissor lift
  • Main parts

The tilt table lift is completely assembled  and tested in factory. All parts for installation and guide specifications will be together with lift.

Locate the lift at required place and fix it by expansion screw. And then connect the electric wire plugs. Now the installation work is finished.  

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