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Project Description

When you require your car ascend to a high position, a reliable car scissor lift will complete the job safely and efficiently.

We have significantly invested in our workshop, workers’ training, production equipment, just because we are committed to your satisfaction.

  • The car scissor lift provide a good solution for moving cars from ground floor to another floor. It is widely using in car shops, personal garage.

  • Each car scissor lift solution require a unique build. It can be custom design in platform size or installation area size, capacity and travel height. A customized car scissor lift will solve the challenges you face to properly position your cars. 

3t car scissor lift for reference:

● Elevator type

Double deck car scissor lift SJG3-2.8

● Capacity


● Travel


● Car Internal Size

4900 x 2800mm

● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 4pcs Φ140

● Voltage

Ac 380V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


●Pump Location

Inside the scissors

● Stop & Opening

2/2 in opposite opening

● Pit Depth



The materials of our lifts are from long-time cooperated and tested suppliers. They make the lifts durable and stable working

  • Anti-skid platform
  • Electric control system
  • control panel of car scissor lift
  • Main parts

The car scissor lifts are fully assembled at the factory. Electric wires are well connected and built-in fittings are welded to the bottom frame.

Spare parts for installation, such as built-in fitting, screws, steel pipes are together with lifts.

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