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Project Description

The customized hydraulic scissor lift are designed and constructed for heavy-loading and travel applications. It is widely used in warehouse, workshop.

Hydraulic scissor lift is driven by electric motor and hydraulic cylinder. Its platform size, capacity and travel height are to customer special requirement.

Safety features:

  1. Manual lowering valve
  2. Emergency stop button
  3. Alarm light and buzzing during working
  4. Safety operation voltage
  5. Explosion-proof valve
  6. Overload devise, if overloading, lift won’t work (option)
  7. Safety toe around platform edge(option)

Details for a 4t hydraulic scissor lift:

● Elevator type

Hydraulic scissor lift SJG4-7

● Capacity


● Travel


● Platform Size

4000 x 4000 x H1000

● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 4pcs Φ100

● Voltage

Ac 380V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


● Machine Location

Inside the scissors

● Stop & Opening

2/2 in opposite opening

● Pit Depth


The materials of our lifts are from long-time cooperated and tested suppliers. They make the lifts durable and stable working

  • Anti-skid platform
  • Electric control system
  • control panel of scissor lift
  • Main parts

The hydraulic scissor lift are completely assembled and tested in factory. Spare parts for installation include built-in fittings, expansion screws, steel pipes, which will be together with lift.

Installation steps:

  • Locate the lift in right place.
  • Fix the built-in fittings by screws
  • Fix the control panel and controller at the needed place.
  • Joint the electric power.
  • No load testing 3-4 time
  • Load testing 

Followed is one installed hydraulic lift for reference:

installed hydraulic cargo lift

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