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Project Description

Car elevators provide superior performance in loading/unloading cars between multistory. Its platform size, capacity, travel height, pit mounted or ground surface mounted are available in your special application. 

The car elevator is electric hydraulic type which is stable in working. It needn’t machine room which brings more freedom in building design.

It is widely installed in commercial buildings, car show rooms or factories which require to move trucks with materials between floors.

Safety features:

  1. Emergency stop button in each floor 
  2. Interlock gate that the lift won’t raise or lower unless locking the gates
  3. Manual lower valve
  4. Anti-explosion valve
  5. High strength insurance steel rope
  6. Strong leaf chain
  7. Double top limit travel switch
  8. Safe chain loose switch
  9. Anti-drop equipment(Option, especially for heavy duty more than 10T with big platform size)

Details for the 6t hydraulic guide rail lift:

● Elevator type

Car elevator SJD6-4.6

● Capacity


● Travel


● Platform

W3700 x D7500mm

● Protection rail height


● Guide rail


● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 4pcs Φ100

● Voltage

Ac 380V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


● Machine Location

In a cabinet beside the hoist way

● Pit Depth



car elevator in production

The materials of car elevator are from long-time cooperated and tested suppliers, which provide prolonged, trouble free products.

The entrance and exit are same-side, straight-through.

Controllers include wall mounted and control panel, remote control as option.

  • Electric control system
  • control panel of hydraulic guide rail lift
  • Main parts
  •  details for hydraulic guide rail lift

Before delivery, main parts were assembled, such as the leaf chains, insurance ropes, cylinders. And there are installation manual, pit drawing, installation details show for each lift.

car elevator details

car elevator details-1



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