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Project Description

The cargo elevator is used to delivery cargoes between different floors. This kind cargo elevator is suitable for a small place installation.

Advantage of the cargo elevator is high travel, stable, durable. Its pit size is from 150mm to 250mm or install on ground. The cargo elevator can be customized with capacity, travel height and platform size or installation area size.

Details for a 1t hydraulic cargo lift: 

● Elevator type

hydraulic lift SJD1-4

● Capacity


● Travel


● Platform

W900 x D1150mm

● Protection rail height


● Guide rail


● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 1pc Φ80

● Voltage

Ac 380V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


● Machine Location

In a cabinet beside the hoist way

● Pit Depth


The cargo elevators include guide rail part, platform, electric system, pump system.

  • Control panel
  • control panel of cargo elevator
  • Main parts
  • details for cargo elevator

Installation step of the goods lift:

  1. Make a pit as pit drawing show
  2. Locate platform in pit
  3. Put built-in fittings in place and fix it by screws
  4. Put guide rails at place
  5. Fix the lift table
  6. Lubricate the guide rails with grease for smooth up and down.
  7. Connect the electric lines
  8. Unload testing three or four times
  9. Load testing
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