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Project Description

Hydraulic guide rail lift is widely used in warehouse, workshop, to move cargoes and materials between multiple floor levels quickly and safely. Advantage of hydraulic guide rail lift is high travel, stable elevating and pit depth is only about 150-300mm.

A new client contacted us to discuss the cargo lift application that they want to delivery plywood between floors. With capacity 5t and travel height 9.46m, the hydraulic guide rail lift quickly became the obvious choice. It will dramatically increase the efficiency and safety. In order to satisfy the safety requirement, protection rail height on platform was designed as 1.5m. And the protection rail is with mesh to prevent small cargoes outward.

The lift is available in sizes, travel height and capacity to suit the most demanding applications.

Details for the 5t hydraulic guide rail lift:

● Elevator type

Heavy duty hydraulic lift SJD5-9.46

● Capacity


● Travel


● Platform

W2700 x D1500mm

● Protection rail height


● Guide rail


● Speed


● Drive System

Hydraulic cylinder 2pcs Φ100

● Voltage

Ac 380V/3PH/50HZ or to request

● Power Supply


● Machine Location

In a cabinet beside the hoist way

● Pit Depth


The materials of hydraulic guide rail lift are from long-time cooperated and tested suppliers. They make the lifts durable and good performance in working

  • Electric control system
  • control panel of hydraulic guide rail lift
  • Main parts
  •  details for hydraulic guide rail lift

Before delivery, main parts were assembled. And there are installation manual for each lift, pit drawing, installation details show.

Installation steps:

  1. Make a pit as pit drawing show
  2. Fix built-in fittings at right place
  3. Locate platform in pit
  4. Assemble guide rails onto platform
  5. Fix the guide rails on to wall or other structure
  6. Connect the electric lines
  7. Unload test 3-4 times
  8. Load testing


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