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Project Description

Commercial dumbwaiter is a perfect carrier in restaurants, hotels, hospitals. It is also widely using in libraries, laboratories, office buildings or warehouse. You will love the commercial dumbwaiter, as it is not only save time, but also reduce the injury accident.

Each dumbwaiter is customer made according to followed data:

  1. Capacity: from 50kg to 500kg
  2. Travel height: the finished floor to floor height, example: 1st floor to 2nd, 2nd floor to 3rd floor and so on.
  3. Overall height: the distance from floor bottom to ceiling of the top floor.
  4. The finished shaft width and depth or mounted area width and depth.

commercial dumbwaiter

Cabin: Hairline stainless steel

Car size:600*600*H800mm, 800*800*H800mm , 1000*1000*H1200mm

Shelves: none or one or 2pcs

Speed: 0.4m/s

Voltage: 220V-415V

In out direction: same side, straight-through or 90 degree entry and exit

Car gate and landing door: Bi-parting, swing

Motor is top mounted.

The guide rail and electric tractor of the commercial dumbwaiter is same quality with passenger elevator. Each floor is with call button. Press one button, the dumbwaiter will come to save you from the heavy duty.

Followed are the control panel, drive motor and spare parts.

details parts of dumbwaiter

Though the commercial dumbwaiter is smooth and stable working like the passenger elevator, but it is very easy in installation. There are marks of each parts, and installation guideline for each dumbwaiter.

Professional installation technician will guide the installation online.

It is designed and produced for ultimate safety and customized to every mounted space.

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