How to select lift ?

/How to select lift ?
How to select lift ? 2021-02-04T07:02:33+00:00

How to select lift

The cargo lifts include stationary scissor lift and guide rail lift, but which is suitable for your application?

If the travel height is high and platform size is very small, guide rail lift will be better which is with small pit depth and more durable.

First, please inform your applications of the lift.

Second, check the capacity, travel height, platform size or installation space size, and other special requirement.

Third, our technician will provide the solutions according to the application.

Four, quotation with drawings will be sent.

We design the cargo lift not only to solve your cargo movement, but also provide you good experience, efficiency, safety, durable using.

Followed is a drawing of the installation area size(W*D) and travel height(H).

drawing for cargo lift