How to do daily maintenance?

/How to do daily maintenance?
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How to do the daily maintenance

Timely daily maintenance will not only help the lifts good performance in working, but also enable lifts durable using.

Normal maintenance include checking the wire system, hydraulic system.

But many users forgot the lubrication or not completely lubricate the lifts. From our after sales service department feedback, the same using lifts, good lubrication will increase service life.

Scissor lifts maintenance

Add grease to the shaft hole by grease gun every two or three weeks. It will lubricate the shaft, at same time, clean the dust which was into the shaft.

scissor lift lubrication

Guide rail lifts maintenance

Lubricate the guide rail, leaf chain and insurance rope with grease every two or three weeks.

guide rail lift

Change the hydraulic oil every half year. Though the oil is clean, there are dusts we couldn’t see. The dust will damage the cylinder after long time using.

Strong lifts will improve the work efficiency. And daily maintenance will make the lifts service you much longer time.